You have got Mail!

There is something so special about receiving a personal letter or a mail which is addressed to you. I remember reading a story in school about a father who waits for decades to receive a letter from his daughter and visits the Post office every single day, in hope that ‘today there will be a letter for me’, and before his last breath he does hear from her. The story captures multiple emotions and relations all that take place in a post office between the father, the supervisor at the post office and the people who come in everyday and notice the father waiting, patiently.

Being an Indian, I am sure you would have made a visit to a post office at least once in your life! The anticipation of receiving a letter from a loved one, or a package you have been waiting for from your parents, there are so many emotions that connect us to the Post office. Have you ever thought about the fact that this is probably because the India Post referred to as ‘the post office’ is the largest postal network in the world ensuring that everyone can send and receive mail!
15,500 feet. That is the location of the ‘highest post office’ which is in Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh.

Any guesses about how long ago the postal system in India was formed?
The earliest efficient postal system in India was in the 14th century and came to its height in the 16th century under the great Mughal emperor, Akbar and in the year 1854 the first all India postal stamp was issued.

The Floating Post Office

In August 2011, India inaugurated its first floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar. It also serves as a tourist spot, and is a tribute to the lake which is one of the most famous symbols of Kashmir.

Another interesting fact is that all PINs(Postal Index Numbers) starting with 9 are meant for the Army Post Offices.

Aren’t we lucky to be Indians?

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