We have a train to catch!

The human life is very much like that of a train. Every individual has a new journey to embark on, with multiple stops, and a beautiful destination. On our way we pick up people, some who carry us and some we take upon our own shoulders. Some get off at sops in between and some […]

What’s for lunch today?

Let me guess, your mouth started watering the minute you heard the title, didn’t it? The lunch break seems to be the most interesting part of our day be it whether you are a student in school waiting to find out what special meal your mother has packed for you or the much needed break […]

You have got Mail!

There is something so special about receiving a personal letter or a mail which is addressed to you. I remember reading a story in school about a father who waits for decades to receive a letter from his daughter and visits the Post office every single day, in hope that ‘today there will be a […]