What’s for lunch today?

Let me guess, your mouth started watering the minute you heard the title, didn’t it?

The lunch break seems to be the most interesting part of our day be it whether you are a student in school waiting to find out what special meal your mother has packed for you or the much needed break you have been waiting for at office! Either ways, just the thought of lunch time approaching brings a smile to our faces!

Not all superheroes wear a cape! In fact, these heroes who form a team of over five thousand wear a Gandhi cap and a pristine white uniform, and even made it to the Guiness world Records. For most Mumbaikars, they are the reason behind that lunch break smile!

Any guesses about who I am referring to?

“Dabba” means a box and “walla” means carrier or deliver man, put the words together and our superhero has been identified: The ‘Dabbawla’.

A walk down the six sigma wonder:

MahadeoHavajiBacche started a lunch delivery service with about hundred men to cater to the British and Parsi communities. This dates way back to the 1890s. In the year 1965 a charitable trsut was registered under the name of NutanMumabi Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust and Mr. RaghunathMedge is the current President for the association.

Dabbawallas and their Super Powers:

Mode of Transport – Bicycle and Mumbai Local
Special Power – Delivering at lighting speed

The dabbawallas’ day start early in the morning so they have enough time to get to the collect about 40 lunchboxes from different households. They divide themselves into groups of 20 and meet at a given station where the execute the next crucial task: Sorting. They do the process of sorting once again before they begin delivery. This process helps them cover over 70 stations across three railway lines. The same group that makes the delivery collects the tiffin boxes post lunch and brings them back to the station for sorting and ultimately delivers them back to their respective households.

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